Landscape Transformation


Landscape Transformation

Transformation refer to the process of transferring an existing application or system to a different environment without modifying its code. In SAP, it entails migrating the complete SAP system, including data, customizations, configurations, and integrations, to a new infrastructure environment.

Why choose TDI APJ?

Experience team with technical expertise

  • TDI APJ has extensive experience and capabilities in Landscape Transformation for on-premises and cloud migrations.
  • Successful track record of performing homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations, including various SAP systems
  • TCross-technical expertise and multiple hyper scaler certifications ensure high-quality services.
  • Conducts Proof of Concepts (POCs) to ensure successful transformations.
  • Offers Managed Services and application support

Successful delivery with minimum disruption

  • Enables businesses to leverage the advantages of upgraded infrastructure environments.
  • Time and cost-effective solution for moving SAP systems.
  • Helps minimize downtime and business disruptions during the migration process.