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TDI APJ (formerly known as Abeo and Synnove System) is a leading IT solutions provider and founder in Singapore in 1998. It became part of the tdi Group, Japan in February 2022. Specializing in SAP Best Practices, TDI APJ is highly experienced in implementing SAP solutions in Southeast Asia, boasting over 300 successful implementations.

Besides providing implementation services, TDI APJ is actively involved in the education sector through Abeo Academy. The academy is well-known for providing SAP training to aspiring SAP professionals and companies who wish to improve their internal SAP support, facilitated by certified trainers. This initiative also demonstrates TDI APJ’s commitment to nurturing young talent and supporting their careers in the SAP ecosystem.

As a member of the tdi Group, Japan, TDI APJ focuses on expanding digital transformation efforts to deliver the best value to its clients across the Asia-Pacific, Japan region by leveraging the combined strengths and expertise of the group. Click here to learn more about TDI Group, Japan.

Our Mission

Our Mission

TDI APJ’s mission is to shape an intelligent future for enterprises by enabling seamless digital innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Our Vission

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way businesses operate, driving transformative changes that empower organizations to thrive in an increasingly dynamic
and interconnected world.

What We Do

Discover Our Capabilities

As a leading IT solutions provider, TDI APJ specializes in integrating advanced IT solutions and has established a strong partnership with SAP. Our team of experienced and certified consultants is dedicated to helping organizations leverage technology to achieve their business goals.

TDI APJ works closely with clients of all sizes, assisting them in making informed decisions, optimizing operational efficiency, and maximizing return on investment (ROI) through the implementation of IT solutions.

TDI APJ offers a suite of integrated and end-to-end business applications that cater to various industries, with specialization in the following sectors:


We provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of the retail industry. These solutions include point-of-sale (POS) systems, inventory management, merchandising, sales analytics, and customer loyalty programs.

Consumer Products
Consumer Products

We offer applications designed for consumer product companies. These solutions include product lifecycle management, demand forecasting, trade promotions, and sales force automation.


We provide specialized applications for the pharmaceutical industry. These solutions address requirements related to regulatory compliance, quality control, batch tracking, and supply chain optimization.


We drive productivity with manufacturing software solutions from SAP. To meet demand in a challenging market, you need automated, flexible manufacturing processes that support risk-resilient and sustainable operations.

Wholesale and Distribution
Wholesale and Distribution

We offer applications specifically tailored for wholesale and distribution companies. These solutions support activities such as order management, procurement, warehouse management, and vendor collaboration.

Real Estate
Real Estate

We provide specialized property management software from SAP to help you address real estate development challenges, such as collaborating on design, managing construction outcomes, minimizing risk, and maintaining quality schedules.

BG iMage
Michael Lim

Deputy Group CEO


Management Message

Our mission is to support companies in the region achieve success through digitization. We envision empowering these companies to become intelligent enterprises and contribute to a smart society.

With a proven track record, we deliver value to clients through our comprehensive SAP implementation services, supported by industry-leading tools and technologies. Alongside consultancy services, TDI APJ provides support, training, education, and systems integration services to cater to various client needs.

TDI APJ’s expertise extends to implementing SAP solutions across a wide range of industries. Our highly skilled and experienced team of consultants is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives by deploying and utilizing SAP software effectively. TDI APJ is known for its deep technical knowledge as well as its commitment to quality and delivery excellence, which has earned the trust of many clients.

As a part of the tdi Group, a successful system integrator in Japan with over 50 years of experience, TDI APJ benefits from the extensive know-how and resources of tdi Group, one of Japan’s largest IT services.

SDG Declarations

Sustainable Development Goals

TDI APJ is firmly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believes that business has a fundamental role to play in achieving these.

We share the principles of SDGs advocated by the United Nations and through the use of information technology, create a prosperous and sustainable future in which everyon can coexist and thrive.

SGD Declarations

Our Goals and Efforts
Development Goals To achieve the SDGs

  • Build and spread the infrastructure to realize a safe and secure society through the use of IT solutions in order to reduce all kinds of risks in society
  • Build an environment where everyone can participate and be active in society in a fair and equitable manner by utilizing IT solutions to eliminate barriers of all attributes such as gender, age, disability, and nationality
  • Ensure a safe, secure, and prosperous life by improving the efficiency and value-added productivity of each individual through the use of IT solutions in order to make effective use of resources and to solve the labor shortage caused by the decrease in the working-age population
  • In order to reduce energy consumption, which is increasing with the use of IT in the world, we, as an IT company, will establish and operate the system ourselves, and spread it throughout society
  • Continue to provide new value to all tdi stakeholders through collaboration with all stakeholders


Our Client Stories

TDI APJ understood Jumbo’s need for a cross-border business platform that could seamlessly integrate all their outlets. We are pleased to introduce TDI APJ to any manufacturing or retail business looking to utilize SAP solution sets.

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Poh Wei Lun

Manager, Project Management & Business Analytics

We needed the technology and a partners that understood our goals and unique needs. After TDI APJ helped us implement our new SAP solutions, we created better business processes that make it easier for us to grow.

Tran Van Quang

Project Manager, Golden Gate Restaurant Group

We have been able to control revenue, cost, inventory and even P&L for each branch in real time and we are no longer limited in the development of new sectors, services or projects.

Nguyen Van Su

Vice Director, TMT CO LTD

With regards to digital transformation, we see that’s how life has changed, especially under the Covid-19 environment, where we are saying that everything that we do has to be tracked. In order to fulfil that kind of expectation, whether it’s just ordering food or services or online procurement and so forth, we are indirectly saying that we want to have visibility. In that sense, our digital transformation is aligned with that; how we can bring about the tools, such as SAP’s solutions, in order to have an online, real-time system, so that information is dispersed to as many people as needed and decisions can be made as quickly as necessary”

Mr. Iskandar Basha Abdul Kadir

Managing director of Aspen Glove.

“This is a significant growth opportunity for our
students to learn from a market leader in ERP
software through a cost-effective solution,
SAP Learning Hub. This helps our learner base
boost employability and has an immediate impact
on their future career path.”

Nguyen Duy Nhat

Business Intelligence Research Lab, University of Economics and Law

This course has helped me to have basic knowledge about QM and its function in SAP. These are necessary for SAP upgrading process in our company. Thank you to our trainer – Ms. Phuong and teaching assistant – Ms. Diem. I wish Abeo Academy prosperity to our business.

My. Nguyen Thi Thuo Hoai

Corporate Application Support Lead Nghi Son Refinery

Professional reachers and supportive staffs, enthusiastic instructors, delivering practical knowledge and providing a lot of extra support during the learning process. Clean, professional and modern classrooms. The Academy provides sufficient and modern equipments, drinks throughout the learning process. Thanks Abeo team. If I have another opportunity, I will definitely continue to choose Abeo.

Mr. Nguyen The Son

Technical Leader Medlatec Group

The training content is easy to understand, close to the acutal system. Trainers Son and Thinh are very enthusiastic, they conveyed and answered our questions our carefully. The classroom’s facility is quite good. Thank you to team Abeo for preparing and organizing the class very well!

Mr. Dao Quang Hung

IT Manager Golden Gate Group


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